Explore, learn, discover new possibilities, with comfort as your guide
and curiosity as your motivation.

Booking essential for all workshops
No previous experience required
Wear comfortable warm clothing and socks (preferably non-slip)
Mats provided
Refreshments provided

For all enquiries and to register, please call 01223 241 425
or email

In case of cancellation, a refund will be offered if the workshop is fully booked,
and if someone on a waiting list can take your place.

There is a maximum of 11 participants on each workshop. 

The balancing act of walking
Saturday 27 April 2019

Whatever your age, you can improve your walking, and learn how to make it
more efficient, comfortable, and enjoyable.  In this workshop, you will explore
a series of unusual movements that will make it possible for you to learn, or relearn, how to organise yourself optimally for walking.  You will experience the sense of ease which 
can result from walking with freer joints and finely tuned balance and coordination. Enjoy the effortless power which arises when you
are truly supported by your bones with every step you take. 

2 to 5.30 pm
at The Bodywise Studio
Unit 4 Dales Brewery
Gwydir Street
Cambridge CB1 2LJ

Next workshop:

Saturday 8 & Sunday 9 June 2019
Listening with Your Whole Body – Return to Natural Hearing
With guest teacher David Kaetz
10 am to 5.30 pm each day
at The Pavilion, Hughes Hall, Mortimer Road
Cambridge CB1 2EW

I am very happy to organise this workshop for David Kaetzcoming to teach his fresh and integrative approach to audition for the first time in the UK.  As a musician and Feldenkrais practitioner, David will lead us through exercises which will help us open
up our 
bodies to resonance. We will explore movement and the use of voice, and discover how we can change our listening to our selves, others, music and nature.

“There is more to better hearing than turning up the volume. We can also “return,”
as David writes, “to the fully embodied mode of listening for which evolution has prepared us.”

“As vision involves more than the eyes, listening involves more than the ears.
It is a multi-dimensional process, where movement, touch, vision, breath,
attention, attitude, thought, emotion, and relationship all have parts to play.

“We think we want to be understood, but I don’t think that’s the major need.
The major need is to be resonated with.”  David Kaetz

Is this workshop for you?
If you are a musician, a singer, an actor, a story teller, a teacher, a dancer, yes!
If you are a body- or psychotherapist, yes!
If you have hearing impairment, tinnitus, or use a hearing aid, yes!
If you want to learn how to take better care of your hearing, yes!

If you want to discover that you can hear more than you thought was possible, yes!
If you want a weekend of fun and surprises, yes!

There are 20 places on this workshop.  Early booking recommended. Please contact
me to receive the full workshop description and a registration form.

I very much look forward to sharing with some of you the unique experience of working in a small group with David.

Workshops taught this year
Spine and jaw
Movement and posture
Breathing and posture

Workshops taught in 2018
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Sitting comfortably
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